Why Join?

1. No restrictions for spousal play - You and your spouse can play together at any time, which includes weekends and prime time. Combine this with the opportunity to bring out guests and you can invite another couple to join you and your spouse for a beautiful round of golf on a Saturday or Sunday morning at an exclusive private club. What other private club will allow you to do that?

2. Tee Time booking one week in advance for Friday, Weekend, and Holiday play and two weeks in advance for Monday to Thursday play - Like most golfers you would like to host your out-of-town guests at your golf club when they come to visit. The only challenge is getting the tee time you need well in advance. If you join the EPGCC you will be able to book that Monday to Thursday tee time two weeks in advance and that Friday, Saturday, Sunday tee time one week in advance. So not only can you play with three other guests during prime times, you can book the tee time you need well in advance.

3. No weekend ballot system/lottery - Many clubs that are private and exclusive still have high demands placed on the weekend tee sheet. This usually results in each member entering a ballot where you select several tee times that you prefer and hope to get the tee time you want if you get a tee time at all. At the EPGCC you can book your weekend tee times up to a week in advance.

4. Book up to 11 guests during non-prime times - If you want to bring out a few friends or a group from the office, you can do it at the EPGCC. You can bring out up to 11 guests during non-prime times.

5. Book up to 3 guests during prime times - Bring your guests out at any time. If you do a lot of client golf, or if you love to bring out your friends, there is no better place in Edmonton to do it than at the EPGCC.

6. Equity membership that has a minimal transfer fee - If you do move from Edmonton, you can sell your membership with a transfer fee of only $3,000.

7. Limited Membership - 350 equity memberships as compared to 450 + at every other private club in the Edmonton area. This allows first-class access to the golf course for our members. If you are looking for a place to play golf in Edmonton, the EPGCC is it.

8. Family-Oriented Club - Because of the no-restriction policy for spouses, the EPGCC has grown into a friendly, family oriented club. There are many social events and club tournaments that incorporate the entire membership. This provides a friendly, comfortable golf club where you will always feel welcome.

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