Incomparable Golf. Make us YOUR Club.


Consider the advantages of an EPGCC membership 

Our membership includes a maximum of 350 shareholders (the smallest of private courses in Edmonton), plus unrestricted spousal, family, sponsored and associate members. Shareholders are equity owners of the Club and retain 100% of share sales.  Our transfer fee is $3000 + gst. 

** Effective January 1, 2018 an Entrance Fee of $5000+gst will be implemented for all new purchasing shareholders** 
Primary Shareholder (Member)   $5117
Spouse/Secondary Player  $3,642
Intermediate B (age 19-28)  $2,100
Intermediate A (age 19-24 and F/T student)  $1,300
Junior B (age 16-18)  $800
Junior A (age 12-15)  $575
Pre Junior (11 and under)  $400

Trial Memberships 

Trial memberships are sold per year based on availability.  All trial members require active shareholder nomination. The trial member will pay a premium on his/her annual dues and can play for a maximum of 3 years.   
Associate Member  $6017

Non-Equity Business Associate 

This membership is for 3 business professionals geared towards entertaining clients.  Golf access is restricted to non prime-time, with the exception of entering into Club tournaments that occur in prime time. Play on this membership is limited to 3 years.  
Non-Equity Business Associate  $8,800 (for all 3 players)

Sponsored Players

A sponsored player is anyone 28 and under that is playing under a current shareholders membership. Sponsored players are typically individuals that are friends of existing shareholders dependents. 
Sponsored Intermediate C (age 19-28) + $900 F&B min  $2,375
Sponsored Junior B (age 16-18)  $900
Sponsored Junior A (age 12-15)  $675